RazorGage Saw

This saw is used in making the parts for the face frame of our cabinets. Each piece is cut per the specifications from the CAD drawing. Pocket holes are drilled where necessary. As well as each part being stamped with the Job, Cabinet number, and Location on the Cabinet. There is an electronic eye that looks for imperfections and readjusts where each part will be cut from to increase overall yeild.

SCM Pratix

This large format CNC machine cuts all the other components for your cabintry. Once a sheet of plywood is loaded onto it's bed.,The SCM Pratix is able to switch tools that allow cutting, boring, an shaping all in one. By alligning all pieces and being able to cut more than one job at a time, overall yeild increases.

Our rotary sander is designed for finish sanding and denibbing of raw wood components and sealer sanding of stained and sealed parts. It is  designed to handle three dimensional work pieces or items with profiles, raised panels, flat doors, drawer fronts, or moldings made from either MDF or hardwood

QuickWood Elite 1400

1452 Cross Street

Fort Oglethorpe, GA 30742

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