At Hitson Cabinets you will be working with a group of highly skilled artisians. Each kitchen that goes out has been thoughtfully produced. Our craftsmen take great pride in the work that they do and ensure that our strict standards are not only meet but exceded as well. 


All of the equipment used at Hison Cabinets is state of the art machinery.  Cabinets are cut out using a CNC Router, ours is a SCM Pratix. This Computer controlled cutting machine has its data directly loaded from the CAD prints from your kitchen. These CNC routers produce consistent and high quality work and reduce the frequency of errors. All of the face frame material for the front of the cabinets are cut by a Razor Guage Saw. This saw is also computer controlled, it looks for defects in the wood and cuts around it. This also attributes to consisent quality components being used in our cabinet building process.

1452 Cross Street

Fort Oglethorpe, GA 30742

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